Our department is made up of three employees.
Our department mainly operate international business.We import some petrochemical bulk raw materials,for example:HDPE(High Density Polyethylene),PP(Polyethylene),LLDPE(Liner Low-Density Polyethylene),MEG(Mono ethylene glycol),natural rubber from international market.HDPE,PP,LLDPE used for plastic manufacturing industry,MEG mainly used for the textile industry,natural rubber used for rubber manufacturing industry.
These products mainly from southeast and Middle EAST,for example :South Korea ,Russian,Saudi Arabia,Thailand.
We will sell the product which import from international market to domestic market and international market.Also we operate some domestic business on petrochemical bulk raw materials.
We are looking for the cooperation opportunities for the other industries and fields.
Contact us:
MR LIU: TEL:0571-88392317     MR LOU:TEL:0571-88389486   
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