General Manager Longa Shao meets with former Polish President Komorowski

Following the visit of former Polish President Komorowski (2010 - 2015) to our Canton Fair booth, on the afternoon of October 16, General Manager Longa Shao met with President Komorowski at the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou and had in-depth exchanges. Regular Polish customer and Dep.11 salesman Liu Lin accompanied.

At the beginning of the meeting, Longa Shao greeted President Komorowski in Polish. Subsequently, Longhe Shao introduced the general situation and overseas business of Welfull Group in detail, and focused on the development of business in Poland. Our company has been in Poland for more than ten years on the basis of business and trade cooperation. Our products are mainly electronic lamps and textile clothing. At the same time, the relevant departments of our company have participated in the "China&Polish Trade Fair" many times. Shao expressed his sincere thanks to the Polish government, especially President Komorowski, for his support and assistance to the development of Sino-Polish friendly trade during his tenure. He also expressed the willingness of Welfull Business and Trade Sector to cooperate with Poland in depth. 

President Komorowski thanked Longa Shao for his hospitality. He said that Poland is located in Eastern Europe and borders with Germany and other industrial powers, with a strong industrial base. In recent years, Poland's economic growth in Europe has increased rapidly, and its market potential is huge. At the same time, Sino-Polish trade friendly cooperation has a profound origin. Some business of Welfull Group has been carried out in Poland for many years, which has a certain market base. At present, Sino-US trade frictions are escalating, and China's foreign trade export business should be flexibly changed. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining its independence. It is a very important year for Poles. There is a great demand for domestic economy. President Komorowski suggested that Welfull Group could take advantage of new opportunities for cooperation, focusing on strengthening cooperation with Poland and even expanding its business in Europe.


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After the banquet, President Komorowski improvised the signature of Longa Shao and Liu Lin.

Finally, Mr. Shao had in-depth exchanges with old Polish clients . He thanked the old customers for their close trade support and cooperation with our company for many years. They expressed their desire to carry out in-depth business contacts, continue to strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win development.

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