Hangzhou Weltrus New Energy Co.,Ltd.

The group was established in 1993, formerly known as Zhejiang Second Light Industry Group Import and Export Co., Ltd., with an annual operating income of over 5.6 billion yuan. It has invested in multiple representative projects such as Pute Medical, Anren Co., Ltd., Dongding Electronics, Hancheng Technology, Muxing Intelligence, Huakang Biology, Zhongwei Navi, and Weishide Laser. It is a professional institution with strong characteristics of industrial and financial capital in Zhejiang Province. Weltrus is a modern group company with core advantages in photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, and energy storage applications, committed to promoting the development of clean energy and green technology. Adhering to the development philosophy of market-oriented, customer-centric, and supply based, we continuously promote technological innovation and product upgrades, and provide global users with higher quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly clean energy solutions.

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